Who Represents a Victim in Court

Our knowledge of the judicial process, the prosecution team, and the investigative techniques of law enforcement authorities enables our firm to provide aggressive and selective representation to those who want to be cured and receive compensation through reparations. Ask the lawyer who called you if you are eligible to ask for witness assistance. Witnesses who are required to appear in court in a municipality outside their home municipality may receive assistance with expenses associated with travel to another municipality. If you have been subpoenaed by the Crown Attorney or PPSC), please contact the Civilian Witness Travel Coordinator at 867-669-6900. If you have further questions about testifying in court as a witness or victim, please contact Victim Services or the Office of the Attorney General of Canada. This may include scheduling testimony at appropriate times or even issuing a protection order if the accused engages in threatening or otherwise illegal conduct that worries the victim or their loved ones. Another area where victim advocacy often makes a noticeable difference is the intervention stage before a criminal investigation is filed. It is exclusively a civil plaintiff office, which has been successfully obtaining recoveries for victims for many years. In most cases, a civil lawyer will be familiar with the process in a civil court and less familiar with the criminal procedure and practical considerations that prosecutors and defense attorneys understand about the prosecution. However, this is not always the case, and since the prosecutor does not really work for the victim, he can do what the victim wants with the case, or more often not. If the defendant is sentenced to a California state prison, a percentage of the money transferred to his or her account may be set aside and paid to the victim as reparations. As mentioned above, in some cases, we may offer to refer you to a civil lawyer to bring a civil action against the defendant. While a victim of crime is not the ultimate decision-maker as to whether a plea agreement is offered or whether a case goes to court, they have the right to participate in the negotiation process, as well as the right to be informed of a court case.

A victim`s lawyer can appear in court and defend the safety, convenience and respect of the victim. One way to remedy this imbalance is for the victim to consult a civil lawyer. Our law may refer you or your loved ones to the law firm Injury Justice for your civil law representation needs in the areas of sexual abuse, domestic violence and injury. Under the Marsys Act, also known as the “Victims Bill of Rights,” which went into effect in California in 2008, victims have several law enforcement rights, including: Very few victims in criminal cases hire their own lawyer, and most victims don`t even know this is an option. They often think that the prosecutor represents them and that he is their lawyer. The United States Attorney (a Deputy District Attorney) represents the people of the State of California. They do not represent individual victims and there is no solicitor-client privilege when a victim speaks to a prosecutor or the prosecutor`s investigator. It is extremely rare for a prosecutor to take the time to explain the law on victims` rights. Under the Marsys Act, which went into effect in California in 2008, victims have many law enforcement rights, some of which include: If you go to court, you must bring the subpoena along with any documents or other items listed in the subpoena or that lawyers and police have asked you to bring. If you think you need certain documents, consider making copies for yourself. It can take a long time for the originals to be returned to you.

Certain types of damages that can be obtained as part of a criminal remedy, which are narrower than those applicable in civil proceedings. However, each defendant is required, at least under federal and California law, to pay compensation to the victim. If you or a family member has been a victim of crime and would like to be represented by experienced criminal law specialists, contact our law firm today for an initial consultation. We protect your rights and are committed to achieving the best possible result in your case. A pre-presentation intervention designed to lead to prosecution focuses on the victim`s cooperation and willingness to testify, objective and independent confirmation of the victim`s allegations, the offender`s criminal record and danger to the offender`s community, as well as other aggravating factors in support of a formal charge. However, an assistant district attorney, commonly referred to as a “prosecutor,” does not represent individual victims and rarely takes much time to fully explain the rights of victims of crime. The purpose of civil representation is almost always to obtain pecuniary damages for the victim. Conversely, many victims may benefit from the maintenance of a defence lawyer throughout the criminal proceedings.